KYA LANniversary 2000

This LAN party was scheduled to mark the 2-year anniversary of KYA.  Our goal was to break the record set at Tifa's party last year.  We did it, we set a new record for "Most KYA members in one place".  Technically Big Daddy and Tifa were not there at the same time, but we had 9 members total in attendance.

It was also a pleasure to meet Hazmat and Jen for the first time.  I have known Haz longer than any other member yet had never seen him face to face.

The Curse and his family did a great job hosting.  His wife and daughter made us some of the most scrumptious lasagna.  His son was right there with us on the fragging too.  

Here's a group shot of everyone in KYA that attend the party (except Big Daddy who came a little late)

Top Row: Tifa, Hazmat, Ogre, Mega
Bottom Row: RadKingZ, Hathor, LABTYD, The Curse (and Oliver the dog)

Here we are showing off our new KYA T-Shirts.
Ogre was our T-Shirt close-up model.  We picked him because he has the coolest looking head... LOL

Huge thanx to Jen for designing the shirts, and Hazmat for having the idea!

Here's brains behind the T's Hazmat and his "significant other" Jen.

These guys flew down from KS just to get to meet everybody.

Here's another shot of Hazmat.  He's pretty dangerous with his 56K connection, but wait till you see him tear it up on a LAN!!  If he ever gets a good connect, WATCH OUT!!

Don't worry, when you click the picture.  That's not someone mooning Haz, that's just Ogre's head messin up the camera's auto-focus... ROFL!!

Another shot of Jen.  Hathor had a hard time getting her to look at the camera... hehe
Here's Tifa and The Curse watchin Haz's mad skillz.  Haz is even handicapped since he's wasn't able to bring his puter. Big Daddy was only able to be at the party for a short while.  He's sportin that yellow hat that has accompanied him to every KYA event so far... LOL 

Hathor was gracious to let all the computerless players use her system.

Ogre and Mega. Mega (unaware there is a camera looking his way) lets the true game-face show...

Ogre looks over and wonders what in the heck Mega's tongue has to do with aiming the railgun.

One more shot of Mega's mug. RadKingZ also showing some game-face.

I heard Rad's evil laugh when I yelled "Rad's a BOT!"

Once he's got the ping you better duck those rails!

Another shot of RadKingZ and his AWESOME PC rig.  He's running an Athlon 700Mhz with a DDR GeForce, and all input devices are USB. Ogre and Mega watch as RadKingZ takes on two Xaero's set to Nightmare... Surprisingly he did quite well.
LABTYD is fragging away on his AWESOME rig (Duel P3 CPU's and DDR GeForce as well).

It seems all the real horsepower was on the kitchen table. hehe

The Curse watches on as LAB demonstrates his Quake skills, and new BoomSlang mouse.
The Curse takes the BoomSlang for a spin. I think as soon as we left, Curse ordered himself a BoomSlang... LAB should get a commission.
Token Screen Shot.

Everybody loves a 2-fer!  In this one I managed to tag my wife and Curse's son in one shot.  :-)

Here is another shot of the group, and this one is in high-resolution.
Here's {KYA}Oliver stylin on his "comfy chair".

He's never too far out of Hathor's sight.

Here's the cat camping the chair so Oliver can't get a frag.

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