HossParty Pix

Well, we decided to have a small get-together here in San Antonio to test the KYA server before it was moved to Dallas.  Hoss was gracious to let us use his house.  We actually had a few (Big Daddy with wife Suzanne, and LABTYD) travel in from out of town just for the chance to frag with us.

The party was a big success.  The server performed flawlessly, and we even had a cameo appearance of Tabularasa from the -=CD clan, but he was unable to stay.

We played the following: Quake2 Lithium (duh!), InstaGib, and Qpong.  Also we did Quake3 free for all, InstaGib, and Capture the Flag.

I think the highlight of the day for me was the Upstairs (Hoss / BigDaddy / Hathor) Vs. Downstairs (DocW, K-3, Mega) Q3 CTF match.  Each team won a round, and we had a blast teaming and plotting against the upstairs bunch.

Here he is... Hoss...

The man, the legend, the...hmmm, the guy with the house!!  ;-)

Here's Big Daddy fragging it up.

Hathor's behind the camera again, and you can see her PC in the background.

Here's Mega.  Sportin his neato shirt that Hathor nabbed him at Quakecon99.  (it pays to be a girl at Quakecon) heh Foreground is DocW, and background is K-3.  This is KYA's father/son team.
Another shot of K-3.  He wasn't voted in yet at the time of the picture, but he's now a proud member of KYA. Here's LABTYD.  You can tell he's up against some stiff competition.

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