FatDumbAndHappy LAN Party

The LAN Party was a BLAST! Too bad all of KYA could not be there!
(All pictures are links)

Mega drove all the way from San Antonio to Houston for the fun...

I can say that he was not disappointed. (and I am he, hehe)

Since this was Mega's first time on the LAN, he didn't know what to expect, or how well he would fair when the playing fields were fair... Out of the 17 people that played, there was only one player who could out-frag Mega on Lithium DM. More on that later... :)

Here's some of Mega's moves: LANMega

Mega brought his lovely wife (Hathor) along, and she surprised everyone with master Quake2 skills. It turns out that she is quite good at Rocket Arena.

A moment to remember was when all were dead except Mega on Blue and Hathor on Red. The room got silent, then around the corner flew Mega, a rocket left his gun, and SPLAT. Mega was gunned down by Hathor at the same moment that his rocket made meatballs of her. IT WAS A TIE. The room roared with laughter and cheers. Unfortunately that was not caught on tape, but here's Hathor in action: LANHathor

From this screen shot, it appears the student has become the master!
KidFragile showed up a bit late, but we had a blast once he and Solution from the SBB clan got hooked in. I wish we'd gotten better pictures of him, but Hathor will vouch that he does look a lot like Mark Maguire. Kid kept us in stitches the entire time with his hilarious comments, and excitement level. BTW, he will rock your world on Rocket Arena. He and Solution showed some good team skills as well.
Top Gun of the LAN party has to go to FatDumbAndHappy. This is not a new title for him. Check this out. He usually wins all the LAN parties he attends, though it's hard to get him bragging about it... Lithium, Rocket Arena, he wins 'em all...
Have you ever seen anyone get 40 frags in 2 minutes? Now you have: LANFD&H

Big Thanks to FD&H for hosting the LAN party, and hopefully we can have more where this came from!! A LAN party in Austin would not be a bad thing either (hint hint Psomm).

More LAN Party Demos are on the Demoz page...

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