Our meeting went well.  Quite a good turnout, and some important decisions made...
1.  I (Mega) have been elected official clan leader, so what I say goes.  Is this a good thing?  Of course! Muhaha.  Seriously, I plan to involve everyone's opinion in any matters that I can, and I consider my authority only as an organizer, and possibly a tie breaker.
2.  We plan on playing a different MOD after each Tuesday night meeting.  Just to add some variety, and to try and please the widest number of members.  If there are no objections, how bout we go with something tried and true next week such as Rocket Arena. http://www.planetquake.com/arena
3.  We will TRY to get the Friday practicing going again.  Thursday was also thrown out as a possibility.  Anyway, we need to concentrate our team skills if we hope to be competitive in RA, CTF, or even Team DM.  This week I'll try to be on Thurs and Fri just in case.  I usually don't leave ICQ up all the time, but you can almost always find me at quake2.pdq.net:27910  (web: http://quake2.pdq.net )... Yes, I'm still a Lithium junkie, shoot me!  ;)
4.  We had some fun with a lot of laughs on Weapons of Destruction.  I think the general consensus was "This MOD really sucks, but heck, it's really funny".  As far as a sport, I vote thumbs down on WOD.  As far as having fun, this mod has potential.  I can't help but laugh when someone runs by blazin on fire, and screamin.
What do you get when you turn Psomm's devious mind loose on Weapons Of Destruction?
Trip Mine CITY!!