We had our match with PCF.  Sorry guys for me not making it clear to
everyone, but I actually forgot to notice that they had put down a date and
time on the Challenge form (and that's what it's for, Duuuuhh).
We at least had 3 show up, which is the same # they had so it worked out
The first round was the closest match I've ever seen, let alone been a part
of.  We were behind from the beginning, and our team efforts were nil until
right at the end.  We gained control of the Rocket Launcher, and picked off
every PCF member that even thought about getting a rocket... It paid off,
and we won by 1 frag in the last few seconds.
The second round was even closer, yes you heard me CLOSER...  The lead
traded back and forth the entire game, and when there was 1 second left it
was tied up and I just knew it'd be a draw, but one of them had a sip of
lava, and Gizmo drilled one, and we won by 2 frags...  AMAZING!!!
You probably think this the  Texas tall tale version of the matches, but see
for yourself...  Sometime tonight (late probably) I'll have the web page
updated complete with demos from both mine and Gizmo's point of view...
This is MUST SEE TV kinda stuff here.... :)
Go see the nice write up on the match at their site... They are a classy
bunch (for a bunch of Psychedelic Cheese Freaks, hehe), and I look forward
to out next encounter with them...
http://www.geocities.com/timessquare/portal/4317/   (click RESULTS).