The last meeting had a small turnout, but was a good meet.
1.  Tifa was voted into the clan, so please add him to your KYA distro lists:
2.  The mod for next week will be: Digital Paint.  I'm givin ya an ENTIRE week to download it, so no excuses!!! hehe  URL:  It's 13MB so don't put it off till Tuesday (unless you've got high bandwidth).
3.  We had some fun on a GXmod server.  There are some commands that we were not aware of, so I encourage you to read the command list:
4.  We discussed and traded screenshots from the Quake3 IHV test.  Below is my favorite shot that I've taken.  It shows off several Q3 things, such as the mirror, Weapon select menu, and new Quad damage effect.Quake 3 Quad Damage
One more for the record:
Woohoo, Quake3 IHV Test actually works