KYA News 3/8/1999
The match with PCF has been confirmed for Saturday 3/13/1999 at 8:00PM CST. 
Please RSVP, or let me know at tomorrows meeting if you plan to attend.  They (like us) are pretty laid back, so I don't think it'll be a problem if the two clans have different numbers of players show up (we'll just have some bench warmers each round).  (GXmod allows observers)

We had a fun time Saturday on Tribes.  Quite a good showing turned up with Tribes installed and ready to rok.  Sorry for my premature departure, but I got a phone call, came back, and couldn't find yins on any other server.  L

I think I'm gonna remove the newz button on the web site and instead use EMAIL to distribute relevant information.  Here are my reasons:
  1. News page is tedious and no fun to update.
  2. Since I don't update it regularly, no one is use to looking there, so I can't put time sensitive stuff there.
  3. EMAIL serves as a good reminder for yins to take action if any is required.  (yins = official KYA word) J
I'm thinking of replacing "Newz" with a "History" button (anyone think of a way to end that with a Z? hehe)
I'll place all the old newz there (for nostalgia) and events like the FatDumAndHappy LAN party page etc.  I'm thinking of documenting the birth and evolution of KYA (help please Hazmat and Psomm).  Chaos (who's he?) recommended a tribute to past members...  Don't expect anything soon, I'll wait till I'm bored and looking for something to do (which is almost never).  J
P.S.  If any of yins don't have an HTML-enabled Email reader, and all these funny HTML tags are buggin the heck out of ya, let me know, and I'll go to plain text next time.