KYA News 3/12/1999
This is your OFFICIAL reminder to be on-line and have ICQ up and runnin Saturday 3/13/1999 at 8:00pm.  The match with PCF starts at 8:30pm.
Also, your homework assignment is to find some GXmod servers out there with decent pings.  Please find a couple since we never know which public servers will be there, and empty.  I've attached a GXmod Tab for GameSpy in case you don't already have one.
Not much business from the last meeting to report.
Congrats to Psomm for achieving the MCPS Certification!!  Only 5 more tests to go for MCSE.  ;)
Tifa, our newest member has added a home-grown stats page to his Lithium server.  Since he's moving this weekend, it may not be available for a while, but it's up right now @
Totally not KYA or Quake2 related, but check out this 1 in a million photo sent to me from Tifa:
Sonic Boom