KYA News 3/30/1999
Not a real eventful meeting.  Small turnout (again).  K
Spec showed up for the first time.  He's interested in our Clan.  He is a really nice guy, has some very nice railgun skills, creates Quake2 maps, and also has done some impressive web page work... See one if his creations:
FD&H is planning another LAN party. WOOHOO!!  It should be worth the drive to Houston to finally meet more of yins face to face.  The date is not set in stone yet, but will either be April 17th, May 1st or another May date...  More to come on that!  Fat doesn't want to plan this thing and no one show, so give me (or him) your date preferences, and we'll see what works best.
I'd say if you're within 400 miles Houston, you better show!  J
FatDumbAndHappyLanParty2 Woohoo!