KYA News 4/11/1999
FatDumbAndHappyLanParty II:
It Appears that May 8th is the Official date for the LAN party.  Everyone that can, PLEASE plan on going.  Hazmat is planning on flying down to Houston, so if you ever want to meet him, NOW's YOUR CHANCE.  It'll be a great opportunity to finally meet yins face to face, and to be able to frag wit no lag!  WOOHOO!  (PRIME and Snowdog, you can stop reading now) hehe.
Online Gaming League:
I have signed up KYA on the OGL site.  Please read their General, and Deathmatch rules and sign yourself up, so I can add you to our roster.  Be sure and use {KYA} on your name, so you will be easy to identify.
The Curse:
Please welcome The Cures to our clan.  He was voted in last meeting, and I'll add him to the web page whenever I get off my lazy butt...
Speaking of my lazy butt...  I haven't done any work toward new matches, but yins are more than welcome to stir up some matches.