KYA News 4/20/1999

T2K Match:
Things are coming along for the match.  It looks like I may be out of town Fri - Sun, so I may try to get it goin for the weekend of the 1st.  They want to play on Lithium DM, which is great for most of us.  I'll try again tonight to get us registered on the Lithium DM Ladder on OGL.  Visit T2K's web site at:

Web Site updates:
Well, I finally got my lazy butt in gear just to find out that our web site is locked do to the fact that we have exceeded our disk quota on  There was no disk quota at all last time I updated, so I have no clue what the quota is, or how much we are over.  I sent mail to Crimson Blood (the admin) and hopefully he can tell me how much I need to remove.  So if you want any of the older demos, grab em while ya can... hehe
The only good part of all this, is it gives me a legit excuse for not adding The Curse to the site yet...  (sorry Curse, don't feel left out).

QuakeCon 99:
Looks like KYA will make a showing at QuakeCon.  Mega, Hathor, Hazmat, Nailbiter, Tifa, The Curse, and FD&H all got signed up to attend.  We'll have to make some plans to hook-up when we get there when we get a little closer to August.

FatCon 99:
The new official name of the upcoming LAN party at FD&H's house in Houston is FatCon 99 (coined by Tifa).  It appears that we have: FD&H, Mega, Hathor, Big Daddy, Mrs. BigDaddy, Psomm, Vendra, Hazmat, KidFragile, The Curse, Tifa, and maybe MadMex, and Gizmo. SO FAR.  If anyone thinks they're gonna whip up on ole Mega, I have something for you:
Open Up A Can!
I'm gonna open up a can, and pour it all over joo!!  J