KYA News 4/30/1999
KYA vs. T2K
I am waiting for Defiant's answer, but I expect that our match will either be Saturday 5/1/99 or Sunday 5/2/99 at 9:00pm CST... B there or B o

New Members Galore
In our Tuesday meeting we voted both Ogre and Spec into our clan...  Welcome guys!!  I will add yins to the web page soon...

One week until the LAN party at FatDumbAndHappy's house in Houston.  If you haven't already RSVP'd, or you need directions to the house, email FD&H ASAP.

Champions League for Quake
I noticed the last time I was on there, that you can now enter personal information, and secure it with a password.  Kinda nifty, Look up your stats, and add some bio info...  I recommend linking to your bio page on KYA's (linked from memberz) web site like Me.

Web Page Updated...
I removed the "corny" music menu, which made more space for new buttons...  There is now a link to OGL and CLQ.  Also, I enrolled us in the MPOG Clan Ring(look below the "What's new" section).

Lithium TLC
Apparently OGL is still having probs with their code...  Here's the latest response from the admin of the Lithium Ladder:

Unfortunately the repairs to the ladder are out of my hands. I certainly
apologise for this, as more clans the merrier. I have not forgotten
about you, and I will message you as soon as I have any news. Thanks for
your patience.

TLC Admin