KYA News 5/9/1999
Message Board
KYA now has a Message Board.  It's linked from the web page.  Here's a link for your convenience also.
I plan to continue this newsletter, but the message board will be good for discussions rather than emailing back and forth, and hoping your KYA mail list is up to date.  Speaking of which, two of our long (almost lost) members have recently gotten new email accounts:
Nailbiter -
Chaos -

Well, FatCon was a big success...  I'll do a FatCon web page as soon as I get my pictures developed and scanned (me too cheap to get a digital camera).  I have some demos too...
The attendance was smaller than anticipated, but that didn't stop us from having a heck of a time.
Here's some highlights... 
From KYA we had: FD&H, The Curse, Mega, Big Daddy, and Hathor (Mrs. Mega). Mrs. Big Daddy made a non-fragging appearance too.  Also, there were a slew of the local Q2 players there to frag with us.  We missed yins that couldn't make it, but I'm sure this won't be the last opportunity... (Tifa's LAN Party in July, QuakeCon in August, and FatCon2000 (hint hint) hehe

T2K Scrimmage
As yins have figured out by now, it didn't happen Sunday night 5/7/99 as tentatively planned.  I chatted with Defiant of T2K, and he's all for a re-scrimmage so we'll plan something soon.
As I've said before, yins are more than welcome to scare up some matches with other clans... Just keep me in the loop, and I'll help communicate...