KYA News 5/15/1999
We are now finally on the Lithium Ladder.  Woohoo!!  Apparently we were challenged by the Hip Hop Movment clan, and I never knew it.  So we forfeited.  L I assumed it would send me an email or something when we were challenged, but apparently not.  I challenged the All Star Assassins clan, so we'll see what happens there.  If you see that we are challenged by any clans, make sure you EMAIL me ASAP.
Also, oi.Jedi has challenged us to a match against oi teamed up with SOL.  It was tentatively set for this weekend, but we haven't worked out any details, and it's Saturday already (man time flies) so I guess we'll postpone.

Message Board:
Just a reminder that we have a message board.  I've only seen a few of you posting on there, so I thought I'd nag some more.  J