KYA News 5/19/1999
Upcoming Match THIS WEEK!!:
Friday 5/21/1999 8:30pm.  Please read my post on the Message Board, and reply there on your planned attendance:

Lithium Ladder:
We won by forfeit against "All Star Assassins".  After I challenged them, I read on their web site that they were dropping out of the OGL due to the fact that their 16 year old clan leader had been arrested, and suspended from school.  I didn't bother to notify them after reading that.
I have challenged the "Blood Hunters" clan.  They have no web page, but I sent a note to their leader informing them of the challenge.  No details on that yet.

Hazmat Gets a Job:
No, I'm not talking about his employment.  He asked me if he could help out in the clan business, and I assigned him his old job back.  He will now be know as our "DeathDealer" as the official match organizer.  I'm still challenging clans left and right on the ladder, but that will be Hazmat's job real soon now.  J
I HIGHLY recommend that we use the Message Board as our talk back and forth vehicle for determining good times and dates for all these matches we have coming up.  It'll be a while before we're challenging T2K for their 1st place spot, but that's where our sites are aimed.  J

Q3Test Tip of the Day:
To view your character from any angle, use these console commands:
cg_ThirdPerson 1
cg_ThirdPersonAngle 140
cg_ThirdPersonRange 200
bind F12 screenshot
Here's the result: