KYA News 5/24/1999
FatCon99 Web Page
The groovy FatCon99 web page is finished (whew).  I don't know what got into me to make it look so 70's... Musta been cause I recently watched Austin Powers. hehe  It's only tested on Internet Explorer, so good luck you Netscapers...

Yes, we have an event calendar.  The Curse set it all up for us.  It's great.  No excuses for not knowing what's going on now!

Lithium Ladder
Well, we won another match by forfeit, and now have a challenge out to The Transcendent Order.

KYA vs. NA
We have been challenged (not ladder) by the Night Angle clan (thanks Tifa for setting it up).  The match is scheduled for Saturday the 29th at 8:30pm.  We will play GXmod.  It's on the calendar, and the signup is on the message board.

KYA vs. oi & SOL
The match scheduled for Sunday didn't happen.  No new date set.