KYA News 7/13/1999
Sadly, Spec has decided to retire from KYA because of being too busy.  Of course he is always welcome to hang with us whenever!!
It only took us about 5 minutes to replace him, however... hehe  We voted in MalyKote today.  Please welcome her into our clan!  Spec, just kidding about replacing you.  You're one of a kind dood! J

We took a vote in the last meeting, and it looks like a majority of our active membership prefers regular DM over Lithium.  I will look into joining a DM ladder this week.  I won't remove us from the Lithium Ladder just yet.  Let's see how this goes, and if it seems as much or more enjoyable, then we may decide to drop Lithium completely.  For now, we'll have split personalities, and do both.  I know I'm stronger in Lithium, so you'll have to bare with me on DM till I re-learn the maps without a grappling hook.  J

Private Discussion:
It still seems as though many of you members are not active on the Private Discussion board.
You'll need the password the first time you sign on, and then from their you just use your own sign-on.
The password is: -deleted from web version of news-
The private board is good for discussing tactics, potential members, clan rules etc.  Go put in your $0.02

Shameless Plug:
It's not enough for me to only nag you about the private discussion, when I can get in twice the nagging and remind you of our public message board.   We have several topics going on there, including a couple of upcoming scrimmage matches.  It has almost replaced this EMAIL news completely, so if you're not checking it every day, you're in the dark on KYA.  (hehe, that rhymed) Just hit our site, and click Message Board, alright? (couldn't resist)