KYA News 7/25/1999
Tifa's LAN Party:
I finally got the Tifa's LAN Party '99 web page up.  Go take a look...

OGL DM Team:
We've discuss this before, and I believe that the majority of the clan is in favor of joining a DM ladder on the OGL.  Lithium is not everyone's cup of tea, and we're getting slathered on there anyway.  I went to go sign us up for DM, and there's no less than 9 DM ladders on OGL.  A few we can toss out, but I'm gonna need your input to decided which one(s) to join.  Please take a few minutes to look each one over, and post your preference on the Message Board.  There are pros and cons to each one, and I don't want to decide by myself.
Here's the possible ones:
DM Open - 73 teams - This is just like the Lithium ladder only we play DM.
DM Modem - 35 teams - This would exclude our LPBs, but would eliminated the ping issue for the rest of us...
DM 2vs2 Open - 110 teams - This would be cool if not too many were interested.  We could also form more than one KYA team.  Take two players that "click" and make a team out of 'em.
DM 2vs2 Modem - 96 teams - This may be what our HPBs need.  A small team of two of our guys, and fair pings.
There are also 1vs1 ladders that any of you are welcome to join.  Go check out and see all the ladders they have.
If this DM thing really takes off, we may drop out of the Lithium ladder.  PLEASE go post HERE if you have anything to say on the subject...