KYA News 8/27/1999
New Members:
Since the last EMAIL updated we have added 7, and Hathor to KYA.  They should be added to the web site soon.  There seems to be quite a few prospect members wanting into KYA at the moment too.  J

Tifa Leaving: L
It's true unfortunately.  Here's the note he sent me:
It fills me with great sadness to inform you that I will be putting the {KYA} tag on the table.

To be honest, the fire that was once in my heart for playing Quake has shifted to other things. Letting go of KYA is very difficult for me to face. I have grown attached to each member in some fashion and that is the most difficult part. My friends here mean a lot to me and even though I am putting other needs in front of Quake, I will still be around and maybe even hang out at a meeting or two if you’ll permit me. I will still run my Quake server, as I have nothing better to do with my DSL connection. In fact you might be able to catch me there occasionally.
So what has taken up my time? Mostly programming and the desire to be the best that I can be at what I’m focused on. My path at the moment is Web development and with the technology moving as fast as it does, my priorities have shifted to balance that facet of my career and my responsibility toward my family. I wish KYA the best in the future and remind you never loose sight of it’s meeting, after all if it weren’t for Gizmo’s attitude and friendship I would have never considered looking at a clan, and if it weren’t for the members and their attitudes, I would have never joined a clan. KYA is more than a clan playing Quake, it’s a way of life.
I will attend next Tuesday’s meeting so that I may get the chance to see everyone before I call it quits. :(

Here's the response I sent him:
Sorry to hear it man... :(
I assume it's okay for me to forward this to the rest of the group?
OF COURSE, it's always okay to attend meetings, practices, etc...  The only activity reserved for "members only" is matches, so I hope to see ya around whenever you want, and your schedule permits.
If you ever change your mind, KYA's doors will always be open (assuming I (we) never burn out hehe).
I want to extend a HUGE thank you for all your contributions to KYA...  Servers, skillz, attendance, LAN party, humor, attitude... you were a model clansman! :)

Matches and LPBs:
Ogre, Big Daddy, and Mega (me) have all become LPBs in the last few weeks.  We've had one TLC match since, and we won.  WOOHOO!  My connection with Road Runner is pretty lame, however, so my advise is if you have a choice, go with DSL over Cable Modem.  I should have DSL within a few weeks and be a "real" LPB.

I have developed my pictures from Quakecon.  I will post em on the web page as soon as I get to it.  There is one picture in particular that I'm eager to share... I'll keep the suspense, and not tell you what it is...  If you want to read the plethora of Quakecon coverage on other sites, go here: , and then follow the links in the news... Lotsa pics too...
Here's a screenshot of the 122 player "Kill The K7" game.  We called a cease fire, and made a giant pyramid of people until some smarty-pants shot a quad-rocket into the center...