KYA News 9/27/1999
OGL Signup:
Okay, I really need ALL of you to take action on this.  Everyone has to first sign up on the OGL website: and then join our team on the Lithium Ladder:
Just to be consistent, and to make sure you name is not taken, lets all use the {KYA} prefix on our name.  My name on OGL is {KYA}Mega.
The team name is: Kill Your Attitude
Join password is: [deleted from web version]
Let me know if you have any trouble with this.  Since my account was already created, and the fact that mine was different being team captain, I may not have a good description here. 
There is already a topic open on the discussion board regarding these changes, so go read that too if you're stuck, and post hints on there if it's tough, and you figure it out.  Here's a link:

Newest Member:
Everyone please welcome RadKingZ to clan KYA!!!  As usual I'm behind on the web site, so expect to see him on there soon...