KYA News 10/25/1999
New Message Boards:
Great news, we have shut down both of our old message boards and moved onto the T2K site ( ) for our public and private boards.  The system is similar to Hostboard, but better, and both pub and priv have the same look and feel.  You can create your public account yourself, and then send an email to me or Defiant ( ) to have your account added to the private board.  There's already some good discussions going on, and you DON'T WANNA MISS IT!!
Upcoming Match:
Go check the public message board for details on our upcoming match with the 187 clan.  This will be our third round with these guys, and it's gonna be tough (and fun).  First time we beat them 2 outta 3.  The next time they beat us 2 outta 3.  So in total we're 5 to 5.  They've been working hard on teamwork, and it may be a good idea for us to have a serious teamwork session after a short meeting tomorrow (Tues).  It would be great to find out tomorrow EXACTLY who will be at Saturday's match, and we can focus on a core team for DM3 and DM6 (at least they picked good levels for us).  They gave us the option to choose the tie-breaker (with a suggestion of DM2).  Officially (I looked it up) they get to choose all 3, but since we gave them that option last time (and it probably cost us the match), I guess they're returning the favor (or do not know the rules).  So we also need to decide on our tiebreaker... I recommend DM7, but that's cause I like that one hehe.