KYA News 2/20/2000
New OGL Ladder:
I signed us up for the Rail Only OGL ladder (called InstaGib Open).  Please EVERYONE take action, and go join our team.
Our team name is: Kill Your Attitude
Our join password is: [deleted from web version]
The OGL site has improved, so hopefully this will go smoothly for you.  Most of you already have accounts with the OGL, so just log in at the bottom of the screen, and then click on "game ladders", etc etc.
For those that do not have OGL accounts yet, just create an account, and remember to include your {KYA} tag at the beginning of your name (for consistency's sake).
If you have any problems getting registered, let me know.  As soon as we have enough team members, I'll make a challenge.
We will join a Quake3 ladder soon also, so whatever your bag, we got some competition for ya.... :)  If you prefer to sit back and be a "social" member of KYA too, that's great.  Go ahead and sign up for our teams, however in case we ever need ya to fill in for a no-show.

Quake3 Servers:
Unlike Quake2, KYA does not yet have a set "home" servers, so please send me your favorite Q3 server IPs, and I'll post em to the group on the message board.  Currently I've been hanging on the "El Nino" servers.  They are thru 27965 running all flavors of stock Q3.  They also have stats at

Quake3 Point Release:
The point release does not affect your ability to connect to any servers, so grab it, and the update to it...
Quake3 1.16h (point release)
Quake3 1.16i (fix to the point release)

KYA T-Shirts:
Please send me a check for $25, and I'll ship one to ya!!  I gotta big stash of em, but they won't last forever.  To get a looksie, head over to our private discussion board:
Send your $$ to:
Dean Keith
8439 Timber Whisper
San Antonio, TX 78250

Screenshot from the Dallas KYA LANniversary 2000:
Now this is how ya show the wife who's boss... ROFL
LANniversary 2000 web page still coming soon... or maybe soon is not the best word... I've been busy...