KYA Newscentre


... Eight months. Twentyfive days. Two years prior Awakening...

Meeting Agenda

Last Meet: Commander Goochie, Kool Kid Fragile, MadderenHellMex, Mastered Engineering Gibs All (MEGA), Psomm - the Mynd-guy, Syster Slashtastic, and Takedown "Till ya frown" wearing Kenny the Clown.

  1. Psomm's working on a preliminary RULES Page. Ideas Welcome...
  2. Practice: The do or die of Clans. Hard-fast rules tonight.
  3. Personal Agenda's. Think about your average week. Write it down, psend it to Psomm...
  4. Config.cfg comparison. Gather those config.cfg's and autoexec.cfg's from the following Mods: RA2, CTF, LMCTF, Lithium, BASEQ2. Tonight we'll decide what to do with them...
  5. Have fun!

...I modified the colors - it should read better now.
...I'll always have the news up an hour before our meetings on Tuesday. Please try to have a read before you hop into chat. It's good for you... hehe

...and that's about it.


"We need not see a face to know a heart, or lack thereof..."

Psomm, the Mentalist... Chronicles of the Mynd


... Eight months. Eighteen days. Two years prior Awakening...

Wow! What a week it has been for KYA (even if yins didn't notice... ehhe). Here's the fat:

We are Registered - in more ways than one...
Clan Central is now as official to us as we are to them. Check it out. W E   A R E   A L I V E.
I've been challenging darn near every clan I see online. I haven't gone the email route (like through
Clan Central) and am going to propose us check out a few tonight. Get ur thinking caps on.

I decided to go all out and join a RA Tournament. Same one Brother Kid Macfragile is in. Unfortunately, they only have LPB slots left. Lets find us some more!

KYA-Con flicked.   Lets see who gets this one...
KYA-Con. Cool, eh? Even pleasant to the ear when spoken. You read it here first - we're doing something with it. Read on!

Deliberations between KYA "Kill Your Attitude" VS KYA "Kick Your Arm" are at the final stages. Our finest teachers sent enlightenment and it was well received. Mega, Slash, and Kid worked well with Kro-bar - there is no more sour mouth. Though not all issues are resolved (I see gibs everywhere at this point), positive progress has been made.

"As I'm certain you have done, our seers have played and observed members of Kick Your Arm. We look forward to future matches. Be they friendly or official, we accept."

Mega vs Psomm - within earshot and punching distance?!
Tis True! The Mentalist and his lovely assistant met the Red MegaMan-n-Woman while hitting the Riverwalk in San Antonio. In between the jovialness, there was:

Classic Gaming, Riverwalking,
Software Buying, laughing, talking.

Eating Icecream, sloshing Icecream,
Dropping Icecream, washing Icecream.

Drinking coffee, playing games,
Many pets with Many names.

DVD and MK4,
Awesome Tyme! Lets have more...

Takedown has been Taken
In an overwhelming, conclusive vote, Takedown was officially branded KYA last meet.

Why, I ask, was this? Was it:
     1. Good Attitude and Killer play.
     2. Nice hair.
     3. Taunts alot.
     4. Eats cream-cheese jalepenos.

"Cream-cheese jalepenos - Yum!"

Psomm, the Mentalist... Chronicles of the Mynd (rough draft)



... Eight months. Eleven days. Two years prior Awakening...

     KidFragile: Holy CHIT!!!! It's NAIL!

Tis true... Brother Nailbiter stopped in to say a few words...

"Who wants to die first!"
"I say fire bomb em after four weeks"

     Slashfire: Takedown is Potential member right??!!!

I noticed the exclamation points. Could they answer the question? Here is more wisdom from Syster Slash...

"Wow.. look at all these people.."
"Slash, Anil, Psomm, Kid, Madmex, Mega, MrH, Cmdr gooch, Takedown, and wow HAZ as Tard #1"

     MadMex: Me not know who Takedown is.

I'm sensing a common subject here... More from the Mad One:

"Dam ISP"
"Yes I can change the handedness" Damn luky bro...
"Me too"
"Good for me"
"Yea, why not?"

     Mega: Good thinkin Take, 8pm, and I'll still make the official "start" of the meeting. :)

Meaning at 8:00 central, Meeting starts for general babble. At 8:30, it's SHOWTYME! And Mega mouths:

"Zamboni is a worthless piece of trash...."
"How bout a "RULEZ" link on the site, that MrH is in control of it?"
"Going to the 5 ass monkey server"

     Hazmat: Hello, sorry for being a bit tardy all!

Tis OK Haz, We accept people of all malfunctions... Speak on...

"I need a good beating"
"I like it Mega"
"Who would like the position?"

     MrH: Slash, excellent transcript... Ps, badass newz. =)

For that, you escape possible ridicule during your speeches - do not be afraid...

"I wonder who's invisible.."
"My gamename is Chaos. I carry a badge..."
"The Poopoo?"
"I propose that next week we rehash all the "rules" in entirety so I will have an idea of what I'm scribbling completely."

     Psomm...: nice guy. mexican... LAN admin with me...

Who could that be bro? Think a name might give it away? Tell us last week's lessons...

"Takedown is one of our new recruits we're gonna be puttin to the roket..."
"Yes, and the Santaclause elves love me..."
"Thanks Guys! I, too, thought my rail was kinda large..."

Tonight there will be a variety of discussions. I highly recommend all to attend.
We need to iron out a few more bumps that have appeared recently. I wanna say it was on August 9'th... I can't be sure.

It's almost worth mentioning an experience I had last night... almost.
We're about to have more fun than ever before...

"When a trusted fool bound to a man pulls, the man follows blindly..."

Psomm, the Mentalist... Chronicles of the Mynd


... Eight months. Four days. Two years prior Awakening...

"Official!", shouts the man named Psomm.
Whose name would rhyme with one like Tom.
"Tuesdays are the days for Newz,
Look it up to read and use!"

Well, here are the headlines from last week's meeting (saved by Slash's saved buffer... Yes, I forgot to save the buffer again!).

Oh, this is the short of it. I think we ought to have someone be the Clan Scribble to transcribe our laws...


Slashfire: They should play us at least 2-4 weeks in a row and be part of the clan chats.
Psomm... We need to have a way of "testing" I propose I set up a server for 2 hrs on Fridays and have myself, 4-5 of yins and the recruit.
Psomm... Play 2-3 maps continously and that way we prepare for tourneys this way as well...
Hazmat: Good attitude and ready to Kill bad ones


Psomm... Grim. Gone official. Max, gone.The others need emailed and spoken too.
Slashfire: So what about Pete... baby come yet?
Psomm... The others need emailed and spoken too. I know this is going to task you alot, but I think Slash should be givin a list of people to contact and have her contact them. Truth is, she'll get more responses simply cause she's female... hehehe We work those stereotypes..
Cmdr_Gooch: and she's not as mean as everyone else...hehe
Psomm... Petev, (Chaos has been showing up - and mex too though he missed the lst2), getsome?
KidFragile: Getsome is Petev I thought.
KidFragile: Where's Chaos and Mega tonight?
Psomm... Now I know. How bout Eternal Warrior? is he Chaos?
Cmdr_Gooch: MacLauren is Chaos isn't he?
Hazmat: did he change his name?
Psomm... Well, lets roll this out fyrst then. Criteria for expulsion...
KidFragile: Mac is me.
Slashfire: MrH is Chaos
KidFragile: I changed ICQ's so certain individuals would quit bugging my wife about gamespy.
Psomm... K... another good point. I think members should have the same ICQ name as their Clan Character name.
Zamboni: yea, like Psomm... said
Psomm... mrH = Chaos. He's cool.
Hazmat: KidFrag = MacLauren
Slashfire: Oh yeah.. that and their first name maybe
Hazmat: ya
Slashfire: What about Keith {Mega}
Slashfire: So we want them to go by their KYA Gameplayer name?
Psomm... K all.. I just fired off an email to Grim. That's done.
Psomm... Wanna read it...?
Psomm... Sorry Grim, you've been voted out. We're tightening up and you squeezed out. Sorry bro, I thought you woulda been a gr8 addition..
KidFragile: I bet he doesn't care.
Hazmat: Um sorry all, But i have an interested player(mature) named Takedown....would like in the chat at some point
Psomm... I think Takedown was pretty cool. I'm perdy sure I remember him.
Slashfire: I am going to get a list and email them, we want our members to have ICQ under their GAMEPLAYER NAME
Psomm... Well, Meetings should be treated seriously (no different than a bowling league, Dart league, or drink with the Boys...). If you cant make it, Say so via email at least 2 hrs prior the meet. to Everyone
Hazmat: Missing Members go into the MIA category
KidFragile: After 1 month MIA, they become KIA.
KidFragile: And when they're KIA, they're up for vote every meeting for removal.
Psomm... When the vote turns against them.
Slashfire: Unless we have extenuating circumstances.. babies or vacations..etc..
Hazmat: So we should discuss the MIA more next week?
Slashfire: OK>>>>>>>> We have covered Membership Criteria
Slashfire: and we are tabling the MIA for a week.
Slashfire: oh man i had a thought.... I want your topics at least one day before a meeting so I can send them to everyone; Compile a list I mean and send them to everyone so we can think on them beforehand
KidFragile: So should I send it to Slash?
Psomm... Tourneys.
KidFragile: I don't know if any tourneys open right now.
Slashfire: Anyone know of any???
Psomm... Tell yins what, I say we adjourn the "business till next week". Only reason is cause I gotta get up way early tommorrow, and I wanna frag for a few moments. Besides, we can start at 8:00 instead of 9:00 cause these r thing we really DO need to discuss. hehe
KidFragile: I second the motion.
Hazmat: Any objections to pulling TAkedown in
Takedown: I'll bet Hazmat's Eggs that I can take that Mega foo...
Psomm...: that actually went much better Slash, thank you...

I woulda cut a bit off, but I wanted yins to have a read BEFORE the meeting... hehe

"The ability to learn: The true difference between the teacher, and the student..."

Psomm, the Mentalist... Chronicles of the Mynd


... Seven months. Twentyeight days. Two years prior Awakening...

Tonight would be the Clan Meet.
Be sure to show and take a seat.
For surely if you do not show,
Out your back a rail'll grow...

How bout this for a cool email to Klan KYA...

Hey, I saw your website... nice crew of guys you got there =)
I wanted to drop you a note, I'm running an Expert Server,
I want to make it one of the best... if not THE best. =)
Check it out, and tell everyone else:

See Ya There,
Johny Rico.

Might just get your wish tonight, Johnny...

... Seven months. Twentyseven days. Two years prior Awakening...

Brothers of Stone, Rejoice; A new era of Newz has begun (I sure hope yins know what you got yourselves into having ME do this... ;)

Initally, I will make weekly updates and you should all notice the structure slowly build to the powerhouse News source I'm sure we wanna see. There are many things I envision as a MUST-HAVE, and I'll get them completed, but you will all have to be patient with me. Damn this is Exciting!

Ok, the truth is that I somehow mis-placed my buffer from our last ICQ meet (OK, OK, I forgot to save it. There. hehe). Fortunately, I remember none of it so this'll be very short (I laughed at this point...)

Slashfyre is our Meeting Monitor.
This means that during the "official" portion of our Tuesday meetings, she has ALL the say and ALL da Power. This should further along the business aspect much more efficiently so matters can be properly addressed. Besides, of everyone in our clan, she shows up the most - Way to go!

Hazmat is the Clan Vinny.
Meaning that "
Vinny" will be out making arangements for other Clans to meet with, klash against, and succomb to KYA Powerhouses. He will also be in charge of soliciting current clan members for these upcoming matches. Better make good if you tell him "I'll be there!".

Psomm... Newscaster
And damn does he suck at it! Oh well, at least he's useful for SOMETHING...

Webmaster Mega - who cuts so hard!
I know we know this, but do all those other fyne folk who see his creations know? Unlike Psomm, he's doing a GR8 job! ROK on Brother!

Well, until our meet tommorrow, this is all I have. I probably forgot something. Good thing we have the ability to be reminded and remember... hehe

Psomm, the Mentalist...