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10/20/98 Newz:
I forgot to save the meeting ICQ buffer again... sorry.

Here's what happended at the meeting:

Gizmo arranged a match with clan Anti-Matter:

Here's his OFFICIAL notice:

"Well hello everyone!!!
Just got back from talking to leatherchik from the AM clan.  After
arranging everything we came up with this.
It will be held on saturday, October 31 at 10pm est(their time) 9pm
ct(our time).  We decided to play it on any open server that is
running the GX mod.  The map will be q2dm1(the edge) and it will be 2
outta 3.  They want wep. stay off. I am not sure about team damage, we
can talk that out later.  And they have requested that we don't
mention them as "KYA" on our web page because they are "no longer
KYA".  They want to make friends and not enemies(sounds different from
the last time we played em :-)
o yeah, they also might have problems getting 6 to play but they will
try their hardest to get 6.
Our 6 that are scheduled to play are
FD&H,Mega,Psomm...,Takedown,Vendra..., and myself so DON'T FORGET, hehe
Well i guess that's all, lemme know if you have any questions!!!
Frag yas l8r


PS. if i forgot to e-mail anyone i am REAL SORRY!!"

KidFragile contemplates quitting KYA:

Kidfragile doesn't want to take up a slot, and not fill his obligations to the clan (his new son is days away from being born). On the other hand he wants to stay in touch with all us fine people. :)
(we DEFINATLY want to stay in touch with him!!!!)

There was some debate on weather he should quit or not. Our only requirement to remain a member is to stay in touch, so the decision is completely up to Kid. We will not force him out unless he goes completley out of contact, and that's only if there is a majority vote.

Chaos leaves KYA:

Here is Chaos's farewell message:

Hope this message is headed the right direction. Again, due to the seemingly impossible task of contacting anyone via ICQ I've opted to do it here. Anyhow, I'll get right to it. I've had an ongoing string of computer problems over the last 4 weeks which again leave me without the endless stream of stuff needed to play Q2 over the internet. Additionally my work times don't seem to coincide very well w/ the meets or practices. It's at this point, with great sadness and frustration that I'm announcing my resignation from KYA. I believe, as most of you do, that making at least SOME of the meets, etc is a necessary thing. Though from what I have managed to gather over the last few weeks, it's my opinion that the the collective mindset of KYA has changed, from something that was appealing, a great pleasure to be a part of that was all about *FUN* into something that very much resembles many of the other Clans, becoming more of an obligation than entertainment. It could be that I'm terribly wrong about that and I hope that's the case. I'd truly like to see Kill Your Attitude still in existance and just as positive as it was from my first involvement at some point down the road. Heh, Kill Your Ass didn't sound quite right after all. Haz, Mega, Psomm, Slash, Frag, Nail and Zam... it's been fantastic. Best of luck in keeping with the KYA momentum and in all future endeavors. Guess that's it... thanks, all of you for the priviledge of both your presence and time. Take care.

Slashfire's respons:

..."it is will great sadness to see you leave KYA... I too agree that we have
seemingly been moving from a mindset of *fun* to a mindset of "obligation," and
I can understand your rejection of this new phylosophy.. as I too see this
change as one that disagrees with our original intention of the clan... Again,
sorry to see you go..."

We will all miss you Chaos... Please stay in touch!!

Next week the newz better not be such a downer!!


end of 10/20/98 Newz.
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10/13/98 Meeting:
Members present: Cmdr_Gooch, Psomm..., Vendra..., Gizmo, Mega, Madmex, Takedown, KidFragile, Hazmat
Guests: Fatdumbandhappy, Jago, Zamboni

<Mega> FAT!
<Fatdumbandhappy> yezzzz
<Mega> how's it flabbin?
<Fatdumbandhappy> notobad
<Zamboni > hey ya'll
<Mega> hey Zam, u wanna join KYA? lol
<Zamboni > I'm a full time school punk now.. night school.. and I dont usualy get hom till 45 min later than this

<Psomm...> First thang: New vote on Fat/Dumb/Happy...

<Mega> YES
<Gizmo> yeah
<Madmex> yes
<Hazmat> Yes on the that Fatboy!
<Takedown> hmmmm
<Takedown> hmmm
<Psomm...> uh...
<Takedown> do do do do
<|^Jago^|> hehehe
<Psomm...> hmm..
<Takedown> hmmmm
<Psomm...> well...
<Psomm...> ok
<Takedown> not sure
<Vendra...> yes
<Takedown> hehe umm okay yeah!
<Psomm...> lol Absocertainly...
<Gizmo> {KYA}FD&H
<Hazmat> lol, Absocertainly.......Psomm comes up with the best wordage ever, lol
<Mega> ok, FATS in, next topic?

Fat was voted into KYA unanimously.

<Hazmat> Clan INDY is really wanting to battle with us, these guys are really freakin good
<Psomm...> Lets do it then brother... I vote you to be the Clan Vinny again if ya like...
<Hazmat> Yes, would like the position back
<Psomm...> Kewl hazmat!

<Takedown> hey all clan Antimatter (aka Kick Your Arm) will not return my requests..... oh well.
<Hazmat> Cuz they got their butts spanked

end of meeting.
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10/6/98 Meeting:
No saved log... :(

Psomm... proposed that we have a practice every Friday night. Here's his EMAIL:
"I would also like to throw this in... Most of you said you could make a
weekly practice. Looking at your responses, Friday seems acceptable. I don't
mynd if we have the meeting first and then practice, but practice is now a
requirement - no exceptions.

If need be, we'll split up to "sub" groups to accomodate different
schedules. I am willing to participate twice/week for those who cannot do a
friday practice, so no one can complain.

I feel a minimum "Honest" practice should be twice a month, and only under
the most awkward situations should this not take place by all of KYA. Lets
chat about it on Tuesday.

Let it be known that I will not bring this up again. It's been on the
backburner for too long and should be our #1 priority.

I'm enrolling myself in the PGL and some ladders, and would love to enroll
as a team instead. If I can't enroll the team, then my priority will be as
an individial.

There are alot of serious tourneys with serious prizes, and with some
talented and "Dedicated" KYA folks, we'll win them. I know - I'm the
Mentalist... (hehe)

Here's the Poop for Practice:

Every Friday night at 10:00 CST till 11:30CST.
Eight members (Half of the clan for 4 vs 4) who can ALWAYS be there (minor
Miss 2 practices in a row and you're out (again, "minor" exceptions).
We'll sign up for a tourney this Tuesday so we can concentrate on 1

P.S. I know this sounds rough, but if you can't make practices, should you
be in clan?

Again, this is all subject to change depending on your inputs, but I'm
setting the stage...


Psomm, the Mentalist..."

At the meeting most everyone was agreeable to the Friday 10pm practices.
We had our first practice the following Friday, and we had a good turnout, but Psomm... never showed up. LOL
(he had a good excuse installing his new Cable Modem)

end of meeting.
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9/29/98 Meeting:
Members present: Slashfire, Cmdr_Gooch, Psomm..., Vendra..., Gizmo, Mega, Madmex, KidFragile, Takedown (Tard #1), Hazmat (Tard #2)
Guests: Fatdumbandhappy

<Slashfire{Lori}> First order of Business is Psomm's request to have someone else be NEWS

<Slashfire{Lori}> any takers on the Clan News?
<Psomm...> Yes, I'd like to offer it to an eager scribe...
<Mega> ok ok ok ok, I'll do it!
<Mega> i'm tryin to pawn off web pages, and they keep comin back.... ;)
<Mega> ok, anyone that haz newz. just send it my way...
<Fatdumbandhappy> ok, your ugly
<Fatdumbandhappy> lol

<Slashfire{Lori}> OK.. Next Business
<Slashfire{Lori}> Zamboni

<Cmdr_Gooch> who?
<Cmdr_Gooch> hehe
<Madmex> is he alive
<Psomm...> Has ANYONE heard from him in the last 2 moinths?

Zamboni was voted KIA (Killed In Action). So he is no longer a member of KYA.

<Slashfire{Lori}> OK.. Any Other Clan Business???
<Takedown> oh other kya "antimatter" hasnt gotten back to me yet.. they just put up their challenge page this week and I fille dit out.
<Psomm...> OH! Good newz! Im still in the RA tourney! lol... made it by a wild card... Woopin arse now!

<KidFragile> Heeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeee's Hazy!
<Psomm...> Missed the hell outta ya buddy!
<Hazmat> ya, me miss clan in big way
<Hazmat> never buy a Zoltrix piece o crap modem, they suk

end of meeting.
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9/22/98 Meeting:
Members present: Slashfire, Takedown, Gizmo, Mega, Madmex, KidFragile

<Slashfire{Lori}> We have to vote on Daddydeath...

<Takedown> okay should I explain what happened?
<Takedown> alright let me copy his message to me

Message from DaddyDeath to Takedown:
"_uck you tell them im not joining the clan because your a _ucking _sshole _itch go hump a rhino." (key letters replaced with "_" to keep this clean)

<Takedown> this is after our match and he would not be quiet...
<Takedown> we have demos of him talking throughout the match
<Mega> Hmm, i see nothing wrong with that take, it's all true.... LOL
<Takedown> haha mega
<Gizmo> i think the rhino was creative.....
<Slashfire{Lori}> lol..mega
<Slashfire{Lori}> lol..gizmo.. I agree
<Takedown> he sent many apoligies after that... but it still doesnt change the fact that he doesnt have the right attitude.

A unanimous NO vote on DaddyDeath

<Mega> I want to explain a bit of the behavior DD had at the match, there wan no excuse, but I did prompt some of it...
<Mega> It was a 4 vs 4 match, and Takedown disappeard
<Mega> I feared that he was unable to connect to the server
<Mega> DaddyDeath was BEGGING me to let him play
<Mega> so I told him we may let him play as a guest member ONLY for this match
<Mega> to keep us from firfeiting
<Mega> Then take showed up and i REALLY WISH i hand never sent it...
<Mega> but OF COURSE he shows up, and starts badgering us to play.///
<Mega> He was the "tipical" 13 year old.... (no offense Giz)
<Gizmo> don't go there buddy

Message from Mega to DaddyDeath:
I am sorry to say that we voted on your membership tonight, and we voted NO.
Please don't take this personally, but we didn't feel that you fit in with us. Also your angry message to Takedown was a little much (even though you apoligized).
You are still welcome to play with us as long as it's not "official" Clan business such as a match.
Hey, on the bright side -- start that new Clan, and we can have a match! :)


<Slashfire{Lori}> Take has a topic
<Takedown> Do you all want to rematch clan "antimatter".. they are kya with a new name and are now "undefeated"

Unanimous YES to that one.

Zamboni goes on week 4 of MIA.

end of meeting.
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9/15/98 Meeting:
No saved log from ICQ, sorry.

Big news for that week was that we Played against the other KYA Clan and WON!! Woohoo.

Also, after their defeat, and tarnishing their perfect win loss ratio, they changed their name (which is what we wanted them to do in the first place). They are now Clan Anti-Matter.

Read their last News post as KYA: KYA News

They now have a perfect no-loss record. 0 - 0. hehe.

Zamboni goes on week 3 of MIA.

end of meeting.
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9/8/98 Meeting:
Members present: KidFragile, Slashfire, Gizmo, Mega, Psomm..., Takedown, Madmex, Nailbiter, Cmdr_Gooch (Tard #1)
Guests: Vendra...

<Slashfire{Lori}> IS VENDRA

<Gizmo> this reminds me of school
<Psomm...> Gizmo, sit down!
<Mega> LOL
<Gizmo> <raises hand> i gotta go to the bathroom
<Madmex> whos vendra????
<Takedown> mrs psomm
<nailbiter> mrs mynd
<Madmex> Mrs McPsomm
<Gizmo> hehe
<Slashfire{Lori}> iS VENDRA JOINING
<Psomm...> If the clan wishes to have her... its up to yins... ehhe

Vendra... gets a unanimous YES, and now {KYA}Vendra... is official

<Slashfire{Lori}> SO VENDRA IS A MEMBER
<Psomm...> YEAH! <Ballons floating, children laughinh>


<nailbiter> havent seen him in ages
<Mega> been about 3 weeks since i've seen Zam.
<Psomm...> Yes I did.
<nailbiter> and.....
<Psomm...> I have not gotten bak a reply
<Mega> so?
<Mega> Still MIA, no KIA yet......

Zamboni remains MIA for the 2nd week

end of meeting.
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9/1/98 Meeting:
Members present: Slashfire, Mega, Psomm..., Takedown, Madmex, Nailbiter (Tard #1)
Guests: DaddyDeath, Vendra...

<Slashfire{Lori}> First meeting agenda...
<Slashfire{Lori}> OUTTERS>>>
<Slashfire{Lori}> Gizmo..
<Slashfire{Lori}> Zamboni
<Slashfire{Lori}> missing in action?

Zamboni voted MIA (Missing In Action)
Gizmo contacted us, so no vote on Giz

--Nailbiter Joins Chat--

<Slashfire{Lori}> Tard #1 is in the chat
<Slashfire{Lori}> lol
<Takedown> heheh
<nailbiter> how is everyone?

<Slashfire{Lori}> Ok.. Agenda number two
<Slashfire{Lori}> KYA Challenge button
<Slashfire{Lori}> Mega wants to know if it should email us all or just one person??

<Slashfire{Lori}> I say one email is fine.. just the person who is setting up our tourneys and matches
<Slashfire{Lori}> which happens to be Psomm at the moment
<Psomm...> Tis true...
<nailbiter> psomm da man
<Takedown> sounds good to me... I think I trust psommm hehe

It is decided that Psomm receive all KYA Challenges

<Slashfire{Lori}> OH>> AGENDA ITEM #3
<Slashfire{Lori}> Clan matches???

<Psomm...> I am, but I've been unsucessful so far.. I think I scarem all off... one clan (SS) might be interested..
<Madmex> I think other clans are afraid of us
<Takedown> yeah we need some matches... Im ready to rok, what about with Kik your arm?
<DaddyDeath> ¿yo quero taco bell?
<Takedown> psomm: will you work on setting up a match with kya?
<Psomm...> KYA wont match us.
<nailbiter> wait arent we kya?
<Takedown> Chit.. Ill go challenege on their page now.
<Psomm...> I've asked.
<Takedown> nail: kik your arm kya heheh
<Psomm...> Go for it bro! I lover this dude TAKE.. hehe

Takedown challenges Clan KYA (Kick Your Arm) hehe.

end of meeting.
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