Excerpt from 12/15/98 meeting:

<Fatdumbandhappy> hey, let's vote Big Daddy in to KYA 2nite
<Fatdumbandhappy> he deserves to be in
<Fatdumbandhappy> he's come to more meetings than the regulars :)
<Mega> sounds good to me, and I think he's met th 4 meeting requiremnt...
<Takedown> man the question is do we have enough people to vote... this is pathetic
<Mega> Well, we make the rules tonight... hehe I say if a majority votes (of the attendees, than it flys)
<Mega> Let's vote:
(voting occurs)
<Fatdumbandhappy> he's in
<Fatdumbandhappy> he really wants in bad i think
<Fatdumbandhappy> not sure why :)
<Mega> he's been a close friend of mine since 4th grade...
<Fatdumbandhappy> he must be messed up then :)

Excerpt from 12/29/98 meeting:

<Mega> Chaos is interested in membership again after his long worldy quest for the meaning of life....
<Mega> or was it just work?
<MrH> Yeah, yeah.
<MrH> Both.
<MrH> =)
<Fatdumbandhappy> Hey guys, I joined an RA clan =CC=
<Gizmo> whats cc stand 4?
<MrH> crusty clowns?
<Fatdumbandhappy> Clan Continuum
<Mega> u finkin on us or duel membership?
<Fatdumbandhappy> I'm staying...
<Mega> dats good...
<Fatdumbandhappy> Hey, I think the suggestion of starting KYA over was a good one
<Madmex> Our clan has is in hybernation--heheh
<Gizmo> we need to b more active and energetic :)
<Fatdumbandhappy> I vote Megalasaurus the ruler of the clan
<MrH> --hands out crack vials
<Mega> ruler, wow we are changing.... hehe
<Madmex> heheh
<Gizmo> i'm not worthy!!
<MrH> I'd second that, were it in my power to do such.
<Mega> ok rule #1, this clan is a democracy, or democrazy whichever.... ;)
<Fatdumbandhappy> our newest member arrives
<big daddy> sup?
<big daddy> hehe
<Madmex> hello big daddy
<Madmex> are Daddy Death and Big daddy related ?????
<Fatdumbandhappy> nope
<big daddy> NNHNNOOOO!!!!
<big daddy> hehe
<Madmex> heheeh--just kidding
<Mega> if they were, would BigD be a member? lol

I would not mind the title of "Clan Organizer" although I am not exactly what you call an "organized person". I feel strongly that the "everyone has a vote" attitude is right for this clan. So I will take on more responsibility as far as setting things up, but as far as membership decisions, clan rules, etc, I still want everyone (that wants to) to give their equal vote.

end of December Newz.
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November Newz:

Here's her OFFICIAL notice:

"You know, this is the first message I have ever saved for later and then come back to look at and rewrite....

But not knowing how to say this or what to say I guess I will just erase all the crud I had written and rewritten and just say...

That due to the current family situation... I am retiring from KYA...

Gma is not doing well, and nothing else can consume any of my time or thought or effort or energy more than she...

Just tell everyone good-bye...  We have to meet as a family at the Cancer Center tomorrow night, but I don't think I could be there and tell everyone in person anyway... I have no taste for this emotional stuff, especially when it's my own...

Cant believe all the crud I had written on this page when I finally cleared it off and started over, would have taken minutes to download... hehehe

SunnySide Up...Lori"

end of November Newz.
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