Day 1: Arrival, Setup, and LAN Action.

Commentary by {KYA}Hathor and {KYA}Mega (you figure out which parts were written by whom).  :)

Day 1, Thursday started with a looong line of geeks with computers waiting to get into the LAN area.  A few of our group was lucky enough to get checked in early on Wednesday night.  When we first walked in, we immediately met up with -=DA=-Viper and [T2K]T, and felt right at home.  Michael{AoA}, Trinity{AoA}, and Gabriel{AoA} soon met up with us while still waiting in line.

Does the hotel staff know what it's in for? Note the lovely Mission style architecture.


The official QuakeCon 2000 banner/shameless advertisement. Linin up like cattle to check in to the BYOC.


Another shot of the QCon Logo.

Hey... did FD&H design that?

Shot of the BYOC area before the hordes arrive.

This year they allowed 1,250 people to bring their computers.  That's more than double last year's 500.

{KYA}Mega, Gabriel{AoA}, and Trinity{AoA} at the BYOC.

Gettin in some early fraggin before they even turned down the lights.

-=DA=-Viper, and [T2K]T.

Our two Russian speaking Quake buddies.

{KYA}The Curse.

All rested up, and ready for a weekend of fraggin!

BalaValkyrie (Curse's son)

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