Day 4: Fifty-Five Player Game, Pyramid, and Bennigans.

Sunday, AMD sponsored some unannounced contests on the LAN.  They started up a 55-player max server which is just insane (about 5 time too many players) and said for the next person to get 1st place, we're giving away a 900MHz processor.  And as if that wasn't enough, about 10 minutes later, they did it again and gave away a 1000MHz.

After all that LAN action, we decided to make our last meal at Bennigans.  We met up with a bunch of guys from the DFW LAN PARTY group.  They were are really cool bunch too.  They sat right behind us at Qcon, but unfortunately we didn't really get to know them until it was practically over.  Needless to say, Hathor and I will be interested in attending some of their monthly LAN parties.

T showed me a dish that he really likes at Bennigans called the Monte Cristo.  I figured "what the heck" and boy was that sucker good.  However, I also found out that this thing packs 4000 calories all by itself... Great, now another heart-attack on a plate that Mega loves to eat!

Here are the servers that were used for all the "official" Quakecon LAN games.  AMD went all out for us gamers. WOOHOO! Here is a screen-shot of the 55-payer game on the special AMD map they created for this purpose.

Grab the map: AMD-Qcon2k

After installing the map, you can grab the demos I recorded and witness some of the craziness on this map: demo1 and demo2.

The action moved to DM17 for a while... boy was this crazy.  A few demos are available of this level as well: demo1, demo2, demo3. If you could manage the get the Rocket Launcher on DM17, a good strategy was just to go up a level, and shoot down where the RL appears.  You will hear the announcer saying "Excellent" as fast as you can shoot... LOL
Of course with that many people running around, who needs a gun?  The gauntlet is quite effective. haha Another shot to show just how bloody it gets with 55 players packed into a level designed for 6. :)


Believe it or not, when we were going for the 1000MHz, I (Mega) held onto 2nd place for a long time, and looked good as a possible win.  I hugged one of the inside walls where the people shooting down were missing, and used the lightning gun.  Unfortunately I was only able to get in "my spot" twice or I may have actually came home with a 1GHz... ;-) We attempted to build another human pyramid just like last year, but there were just too many LAME people that kept shooting it down, so we eventually gave up... Here's about as good as it got with me on top.  You can grab some demos of the attempts too.  It's still pretty entertaining: demo1, demo2, demo3, demo4.
Last meal at Bennigans:

Esher and Sharaz Jek looking at the camera.

Sharaz says "peek-a-boo".

In the distance that is Crue aiming his camera back.


Dloob, Lost Cause, and Riboflavin. from left:
Crue, Crue kidlet, Mega, Crue wife, T, Esher, Quinton, Mitzkrieg, Sharaz JEk, Viper, Gabriel, Riboflavin, Trinity, Inferno, Dloob, and Lost Cause.

That's all folks!

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