Day 1: Arrival, Setup, and LAN Action

Day 1 Gallery

Hathor and I (Mega) arrived Wednesday morning (left San Antonio at 4am), and went right to work with the volunteers.  I spend the rest of Wednesday setting up the tourney machines and moving empty cases by the pallet out of the way, and Hathor helped with the Apple display.

After everything was set up, we hooked up our equipment before early registration even began.  That was really nice because the Wednesday night line was almost as bad as Thursday's.  We got in a few hours of LAN play before they shut down the network.  This was the last scheduled network outage until Sunday at 3pm... WOOOT.

Here is a Quicktime panorama of the BYOC room at setup time (not in gallery): Day 1 Panorama.

  Day 2: The Tournament, Power Failure, and more Lannage

Day 2 Gallery

After Check-In, the Tourney started.  From our group we had {KYA}Mega, {KYA}BFD, {KYA}LABTYD, {KYA}The Curse all signed up to compete. 

There were some unfortunate power interruptions due to faulty generators, but the 3rd one installed worked perfectly the reset of the weekend.  My first round in the tournament was interrupted two times due to power problems.

Me and BFD made it to the next round, and The Curse didn't get to play his first round due to the match being scheduled after 3:00am (due to the delays).

  Day 3: SGL Tourney, and John Carmack

Day 3 Gallery

Wednesday there were some tournaments on the LAN, and I entered into the Senior Gaming League (SGL) tourney for gamers over 30. I made it through two rounds, and the was eliminated by the guy that won the tournament.

John Carmack gave his talk, and revealed some new footage of Doom III.  Unfortunately they did not allow photography, but let me just say that it was unbelievable!  The demo ran like on an AMD system, but it looked better than the CG intro to most games!

Here is a VERY LARGE Quicktime panorama of the BYOC room taken from the NOC (not in gallery): Day 3 Panorama.

  Day 4: Tournament finals, Id Party, and RA3 Tourney 

Day 4 Gallery

After watching demos from the previous day, it was apparent that ZeRo4 would probably take 1st place.  He had to whip Fatal1ty twice to do it, but he did win the tourney with no losses.  Check the Site out HERE, and grab demos in the stats portion of each match.

Id threw a party complete with live music.  It wasn't really my kind of music, so we just had more fun on the LAN.

We participated in an RA3 tournament on the LAN.  We won one of the 3 matches we played in, and since it's OUR page, screens and demos are available of the match we DID win... hehe  Thanks to Savvy-=CD and ReVox-=CD for helping out when we were short handed.

  Day 5: Bennigins, Goodbyes, and Teardown

Day 5 Gallery

Sharaz Jek, Quinton, and some others from DFW Lanparty, met up with some of our crew at Bennigins for some lunch (similar to last year).

While it was sad for it to be over, we had a blast, and will certainly return next year.

Hathor and I stayed until the bitter end helping tear down the vendor area, and LAN area.

  Computer Cases:

Case Gallery

I took a lot of pictures of the computer case mods and rather than mix them in with all of the other pictures, I added em to the end, so the non-geeks reading this can skip this section of photos. :)

A big Thank You goes out to My Gamewear for hosting the gallery.  If you didn't figure it out already, you can even make comments on the pictures.  Sweet!

  Links and Downloads:

Qcon Wallpaper

HERE is a link to both new Quake3 levels that were released at Qcon2k1.  One is a gallery of the 3D model contest entries, and the other is a scale representation of the Convention center as it was at Quakecon 2000.

HERE is the Qcon2k1 official wallpaper. 

Some links to other pictures and coverage from our small part of the Quake community:

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