Quakecon 99

Unfortunately, only Hathor and I were able to make it to Quakecon99.  LABTYD was there too, but we were not acquainted then.

Quakecon was GREAT, and hopefully next year KYA can make a better showing, and even sport our fancy T-Shirts... :-)

This thing was big.  This shot only represents around a quarter of the total floor space. Here's the machines dedicated to the 512 player Quake3 tournament.  This shot was taken the night before when people were still registering.
Surprisingly enough, I quickly met up with a couple of on-line buddies.  Guerro (who I knew from FD&H's LAN party) and TrendKill that I frag with frequently on-line (first time to meet him in person). Here's a shot of Hathor sneakin in some frags when Mega's away playin with the camera.
Here's my first and last round of the Q3 Tourney.  

 Guerro went really far, but Trendkill and I were eliminated in the first round.  :-(

Now that I actually play Quake3 on-line, I might could do better.  ;-)

Here's a shot I nabbed of "the man" himself:  John Carmack (the "father" of Quake).

Behind him you can see "Ziod" (the big guy) who is famous for creating CTF.  Prolly some other famous peeps in this shot, but I don't know.

Hathor is so brave.  She went right up to "the man" and said, "would you stand with my husband for a picture?"

Ain't Hathor kewl!!

While at Quakecon, I was part of a world record for "Most players on a single server".  We got up to 122 before the server came to a crawl.
With that many players, you will experience some strange phenomenon like the "tele-fountain".  This happens when too many peeps are spawning in for the teleport to handle.  The result is a pretty fountain of "gibs". While we had this many people on the server, we did some funny stuff like build "human" structures such as this tower.
Here is a pyramid of players.

At one point, we even played with "no clipping" and formed a Quake symbol in the air, but it really didn't look that good.

What happens when you have 50 players in a big pile, and some yo-yo grabs the quad-damage, and fires a rocket?


Another shot of the awesome pyramid spalt. Here's the "official" Quakecon99 desktop wallpaper for your downloading pleasure.

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