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How to become a member:

  1. Don't ask us, we'll ask you.  Okay, you can ask, but don't bug us to death... ;-)

    If you have an interest in KYA, just hang with us.  Try to catch us online, and make friends with us.  You can add {KYA} to your GameSpy buddy list, and also check out the servers section of this web site to locate us.  Stop by our Message Board and say "hi".

    The purpose of this rule is to keep to a minimum people asking for "try-outs" and asking to be in the clan.  Our response to "how can I get in KYA?" is to refer  to this page.

  2. Get Sponsored.  Each potential new member needs to have a current active member sponsor you.  All this means is that you must have (or make) a friend in KYA to be considered.  We are all friends, and we want to keep it that way... it's more fun!

    The purpose of this rule is to help keep the close family feel that we have in KYA.  If no one is willing to sponsor you, it probably means you do not fit in well with our mentality.  Also, your sponsor is someone to ask questions, and your sponsor has the responsibility of introducing you to the rest of the clan, and keeping track of your attendance.

  3. Attend a minimum of 4  meetings.
    Meetings are for members and invited guests only.  To get invited to a meeting, see #1 and #2.

    Meetings are every Tuesday night at 8:30pm CST.  Currently we meet in IRC in #KYA.  See our chat page for details.

    The purpose of this rule is two-fold.  It gives our current members sufficient time to get to know you over the course of at least one month.  Also it serves as a test to make sure you are really interested, and that wanting in KYA is not a passing fancy. 

  4. Win a 70% majority vote on your membership.
    Voting criteria is based on your attitude, personality, and ability to "fit in" with the group.  

    This may sound like a popularity contest, but it's really just to make sure that we have "like minded" people in the clan.  If you don't fit with us, it's not your fault, it's ours. 

Rules of conduct for members:

Rules for maintaining membership:

Membership Ranks:

We focus mainly on fun, and it just so happens that we can kick some major butt while we're at it. J
We also gain great pleasure from Killing bad Attitudes.

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