T2K LAN Party and Pizza Party

T2K Had a huge LAN party in Houston (largest T2K gathering ever), and Hathor and I drove to Houston to meet everyone.  The LAN was for T2K only, but Defiant was gracious enough to let us stop by, and frag for a bit.  Then we went to Barry's Pizza to meet up with all the rest of the Houston area gamers.  It was really great to finally meet so many of our online friends.  Some we already knew, but most were our first time to meet (in person).

Defiant's dog. [T2K]Takedown.  As you remember Takedown use to be a KYA member, and has always been a great friend.  He is mostly responsible for our ally-ship with T2K which has been one of the best things to ever happen to KYA.
[T2K]Unclewad and [T2K]Nemesis.  

Also [T2K]Chewie is on the left.

[T2K]Elvis and [T2K]Chewie.

In background [T2K]Riva and {KYA}Hathor.

Also [T2K]Defiant far left.

Left - [T2K]SpaceWrangler, [T2K]Methane

Right - Grafinator (also goes by PurpleHaze{6PK}.

Foreground - [T2K]Defiant.

[T2K]Riva, {KYA}Oliver (the dog), and {KYA}Hathor.

Yes, we brought our dog... LOL

[T2K]DangerMan (not at the LAN) made T2K an awesome poster.  This is a pic of the one on Defiant's wall with everyone's signature.  They also have T-Shirts and desktop wallpaper based on this image.

Download the wallpaper from T2K's site: 1280, 1024 or 800.

[T2K]Unclewad, [T2K]Elvis, and {KYA}LABTYD. [T2K]Defiant, and [FoD]Pure.

[T2K]Takedown says: Hey baby, smell my armpit!!.

Takedown's girlfriend Crystal was visiting from College Station.

{KYA}FD&H, {KYA}Mega, [T2K]Defiant, and [T2K]Nemesis. [T2K]SpaceWrangler, PurpleHaze{6PK}, [T2K]Riva, and [FoD]Pure.
SonicFlux-=CD, {KYA}FD&H (looking away), {KYA}Mega, and [T2K]Defiant. [T2K]Defiant and [T2K]Elvis.
{KYA}LABTYD, Crystal, [T2K]Takedown, [T2K]Chewie, and ??. [T2K]Ronmaniac.
-=DA=-Vendetta. [T2K]Vacious and her FiancÚ Jason.
[FoD]Nevermore, -=DA=-Vertigo, and back of PurpleHaze{6PK}. -=DA=-V1-Fu2, and -=DA=-Viper.
{KYA}FD&H, and SonicFlux-=CD. [T2K]Nemesis, and {KYA}LABTYD.

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