LABTYD's Annual Tax Day LAN Party 2001

  Event Log:
LABTYD really out-did himself this year.  As usual, the Network was great, and there was plenty of hardware for the game servers.

We had a great turnout.  Click the picture for names.  The ones in attendance not pictured here were: Vacious, Jason, Rinny, V1-FU2, the owner of MyLinux ISP, and last and least, LABTYD's crazy neighbors... lol

Two giant shrimp platters, and a bunch of hot wings kept us fed all day without even having to break from the LAN action for a meal break!

I don't even want to know what LABTYD spent on food and drinks.  What a generous guy!

<-- Shrimp!

Defiant brought his daughter Rinny along, and she had a great time fragging and visiting.  Her and Hathor shared a computer until it was time for her to go.

Defiant also brought a couple of T-Shirts courtesy of and we had a Quake2-Insta Tournament, and an RA3 Tournament to determine the rightful owners.

<-- Rinny.

The match competition was tough.  The first match was for a Rocket Arena 3 shirt.  First we had a 30 minute Team vs. Team game to determine the top 4 players.

The top 4 (excluding Defiant who bowed out) were: {KYA}Rage, [AiT]Riva, Resdog[X-D], and [AiT]SmokinBum.

<-- The Top 4

The winner of the RA3 Tourney was Riva.  Download the DEMO of the final 4.  It is quite entertaining.  There is some MAJOR talent here.

Demo instructions:

  • Download, and unzip into the ../arena/demos/ folder inside your Quale3 folder (you may have to create the /demos folder).
  • Start up RA3, and go to the console and type: /demo tshirt

<-- Riva (pic is from another event)

Quake2 Instagib was next.  This match was for a Whoop-Ass shirt.  This tournament was done with an elimination round style.  Quick beat Mega, and Magnum to end up in the final.  ConnRadd beat Virgil and RonOak.  

The final between Quick and ConnRadd was a good match, but ConnRadd came out victorious.  Incidentally, the character on the shirt looks a lot like ConnRadd.  Fate at it's best!  :)

<--ConnRadd sportin the shirt!

Courtesy of and Clan T2K, we have a HUGE Photo Gallery of the event (60 pictures).  Head over there, and you can even comment on the photos.

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