LABTYD's Annual Tax Day LAN Party 2001

Official LAN Music

Event Log:
Day 1 Friday:

Lots of people got there Friday this year, and had some fraggage.

<-- DarDar standing outside the house.

Curse's Rig

Day 2 Saturday:
Talk about a nice LAN party... LABTYD went all out.  He converted his entire garage into a LAN room.  Complete with Power and LAN hanging from the ceiling about every 6 feet, insulated door, and air conditioning unit.  It was awesome.

There were a lot of nice gaming rigs there too.  I have to say I think Curse had the nicest one in the lot (that I saw).

Here's a random demo of some LAN RA3 action (nothing too exciting).  The easist way to play demos, is grab Demo Show Creator, and install it.  Then you can just double-click the demos.

Lots of Fraggin

List of attendees:
KYA Clan:
LABTYD, Magnum, Vulcan, Vigilante, QUICK, Curse, DarDar, Vendetta, Covenant, BFD, Mega, HOODOO, Saicha-Chan, BackShooter.
T2K Clan
: Buster, T, Vacious, Viper, Briareos.
D2G Clan: ConnRadd, Shaggy.
DOOM Clan: CaprazO, Killaworm.
CD Clan: BiZZacth.
DA Clan: FU2.
CC Clan: Pure.
No clan: Tinman, Tsunami, Vovan, Viper's Friend, Covenant's Son #1, Covenant's Son #2, Covenant's Son #3, MyLinux Employee #1, MyLinux ISP Employee #2, Crazy Neighbor #1, and Crazy Neighbor #2.

Tsu and his poster

ConnRadd donated a gigantic Q3 poster that was hand made.  In fact, the scan came from my scanner that made this thing.  ConnRadd estimated the value to be around $200.  We had a single elimination 1v1 RA3 tournament to determine the winner.  Below is a pic of how the brackets went:

Here are some demos from the tourney: (where CaparzO works) donated a really nice case too.  It was complete with temp gauge and really nice cooling system.  We started to have a drawing for it, but there were a couple of guys that were in dire need of a case upgrade, so we made them dual for it.  [T2K]Briareos won the duel, and incidentally needed the case more than anyone else at the LAN, so it was a perfect match.


Wake up!!  It's not over yet silly!

Day 3 Sunday:

There wasn't much fraggin on Sunday, but we did some hanging out, and talking... [T2K]_Buster_ stayed until 10pm working on his new water cooled case with LABTYD.

<-- Our friends from Russia saying goodbye.

Courtesy of and Clan T2K, we have a HUGE Photo Gallery of the event (40 pictures).  Head over there, and you can even comment on the photos.

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