Tinman's LAN Party

  Event Log:

From KYA: LABTYD, Curse, Osiris, Tinman, Mega, ElToro, DarDar, Vulcan, Disco, MaX, Magnum, ViGiLaNtE, Spicey, WIDEOUT, QUICK, BFD, Vendetta,

Other: MaX's wife, Vigi/Spicey's daughter, [T2K]Defiant, [T2K]Elvis, Bizzach-=CD, |cc|:PURE, FLC-Tekneek, FLC-Thricky, FLC-Hepcat, FLC-Bizzy_Bone, FLC-Skade

Many thanks to LABTYD for opening up his home to all of us.

This was a 3-day event.  Friday many showed up and did some fragging.  The rest showed up Saturday and some were gaming until 8:00am Sunday.

There were some prized provided by {KYA}ElToro

These were given away by drawing, and the winners were:

[T2K]Elvis -  GF4 Cooler Kit

FLC-Bizzy_Bone - FUNC Pad 1030

{KYA}DarDar - Ram Heatsink Kit

{KYA}QUICK - Head Phones

Courtesy of Clan T2K, we have a Photo Gallery of the event (50 pictures).  Head over there, and you can even comment on the photos.

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