Tinman's LAN Party

  Event Log:
Tinman was kind enough to open up his house for a day of fraggin.  He even put Hathor and I away until the next moring since we had a long drive.
This was a bit smaller than most LAN parties (9 people), but it was plenty fun anyways.

Back row from Left to right: Mega, ConnRadd, Tinman, Heywood, Hathor (with Oliver).

Front row: Virgil, LABTYD, QUICK.

Not pictured: Bloodstain (he left early).

Defiant sent a couple of T-Shirts courtesy of MyGamewear.com and we had a Quake3 Tournament, to determine the rightful owners.

The way we set up the tourney, is we played a series of FFA matches eliminating the lowest score until we narrowed it to a 1v1.  This determined our First place winner (who got 1st dibs on the shirts).

Then to determine 2nd place, we had a 100 Frag FFA, and awarded the 2nd shirt to the top fragger. 


Note: Even though we were playing standard Quake 3 FFA rules, we used the Team Arena mod, so you must have that installed to watch the demos.

Demo Instructions: Unzip the demos into your ..\quake3\missionpack\demos\ folder (you may have to create "\demos").  Then start up Team Arena, and use the in-game menu to select, and play the demos.

Elimination 1 (7 players) Q3DM6 No Demo Screen shot Winner: QUICK
Elimination 2 (6 players) Q3DM6 Demo Screen shot Winner: ConnRadd
Elimination 3 (5 players) Q3DM18 Demo Screen shot Winner: Mega
Elimination 4 (4 players) PRO-Q3T2 Demo Screen shot Winner: ConnRadd
Elimination 5 (3 players) Q3DM16 Demo Screen shot Winner: Mega
Elimination Final (2 players) Q3DM17 Demo Screen shot Winner: Mega
100 Frag FFA (4 players) Q3DM7 Demo Screen shot Winner: QUICK
The winner of the elimination round was Mega, and the winner of the 100 Frag FFA was QUICK.
Courtesy of MyGameWear.com and Clan T2K, we have a Photo Gallery of the event (22 pictures).  Head over there, and you can even comment on the photos.

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