Tinman's LAN Party

  Event Log:
Quick (pictured) did a great job planning this one.  A total of 18 people showed up this time around which was quite a bit more than last time. 

Of course a BIG thank-you goes to Tinman for hosting it (and his family for letting him).

The attendees were:
{KYA}BFD Basic-=CD [T2K]Born Loser |cc|Fu2
{KYA}QUICK Muzzy-=CD [T2K]Briareos Tinman
{KYA}LABTYD Ta-Kill-Ya-=CD [T2K]Vacious Jay
{KYA}Hathor Killa-=CD   Chaucer
{KYA}Mega     BloodStain
{KYA}Vigilante     HeyWood

We played Rocket Arena 3, Team Arena, and Alliance CTF.

Tinman, Quick, and Chaucer did a great job keeping the servers up and running.

Click the picture to jump to the group photos with labels. 

Unfortunately LABTYD and FU2 were not available when we were taking pictures.

Courtesy of MyGameWear.com and Clan T2K, we have a Photo Gallery of the event (24 pictures).  Head over there, and you can even comment on the photos.

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