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Mega's Quake3 Nightmare
Movie Version 2.1
9.18MB 01/30/2002 A self running movie of Mega going through every level of Quake3 on the nightmare difficulty setting.  This has totally been redone since the Quake3 v1.30 release, and also updated for use in v1.31.  More info in the readme.
Quake3 Insta-Gib Maps 13.7MB 06/11/2001 Some Quake3 InstaGib maps.

Unzip into your ..\Quake3\base3\ folder.

Geekplay v0.99h 36.6KB 06/11/2001 A very handy utility for playing Q3 demos.  Install it, and then just double-click the demo, and it runs.  It even converts demos from v1.17 to v1.27 on the fly.  Get the latest version here: Geekplay

I had problems with the latest version, so I have preserved the older one that works for me here.

Fatal1ty Demos 4.45MB 06/11/2001 Some demos of the one and only Fatal1ty.  Watching this guy play can be a learning experience, and also quite entertaining.  For a TON of pro-gamer demos, look here: XSReality

Use Geekplay to play these, some are from v1.17

Quake3 Female Announcer 2.17MB 05/05/2001 A replacement for the Quake3 announcer.  Voice was recorded by Hellchick, and the pack file was created by Mega and submitted to the Voxfeminae site. To install, just unzip into your baseq3 folder.  This file only works in non-pure servers.
KYA Quake2 Skin Pack 3.87MB 12/04/1999 Quake2 Skin Pack.  Download all of KYA's skins in one convenient self-installing file.
KYA Quake2 Pak9 1.50 MB 01/21/2000 Quake2 PAK file.  Improved crosshairs, HUD, and sounds.  Enhanced (more visible) weapon icons.  More info in the readme
Quake 2 InstaGib Maps 3.21 MB 02/26/2000 Quake2 Maps.  All of the maps that are or have been in use on the OGL Insta-Gib Ladder.
Quake2 Qpong (complete) 10.80 MB 02/26/2000 Quake2 Mod.  This is all of the Qpong files rolled up into one zip file.  More info in the readme.


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